CBIC launched Mera bill Mera Adhikat- GST Reward scheme  

Centeral board of indirect taxes & customs under department of /Revenue ministry of finance. The scheme aims to good and services tax from seller when making business to consumer[B2C]

Purchases of good and services.  The scheme was launched in 3 states. [ Assam, Gujarat and Haryana] 3 union territories [ Puducherry , Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli]

 Aim of the scheme enhance gst processes and revenue collection.  Offers cash rewards ranging from 10000/-  to 1 crore through monthly and quarterly lucky-draws.

 Minimum purchases value of rs 200 are eligible for luck draw and individuals can upload a maximum 25 invoices in a months.

lucky-draws. Every month 800 people will be randomly selected to receive a prize of rs 10000/- each. Additionally 10 people a prize of 10 lakh each. Includes a quarterly draw in which two individuals are selected to receive a prize of rs. 1 crore.