p.m modi launched vishwakarma yojana   Sunday on p.m.modi 73rdbirthday  17th September 2023. Out lay over 5 years 23-28

Charlie Taylor

23-24 budget sepeech lunching the scheme budget 13000 crore scheme. benefit about 30lakhfamilies. rural areas  into both india’s local  and international value market.  

  The goal vishwakarma yojana 23 fortify and foster the time honoured guru-shishya parampara a linead based tradition where artisana and crafts adeptly ply their traditional skills using handcrafted techniques and tools 

  Traditional trades which like carpentry, boat crafting, blacksmithing, armour crafting, hammer and tool kit manufacuturing., locksmithing, goldmisithin, pottery, brooms, traditional doll and toy crafting laundry service tailoring and fishing net making.joining from rural areas  into both india’s local  and international value market.

vishwakarma yojana 1st phase amount 5400 crore 17 sep-23. Rs 1 lakh loan up to 2 lakh at 5 % interest rate. And subvention cap 8% to paid micro, small, medium enterprise [MSME].

 1 lakh repaid 18 month and 2 lakh repaid 30 month skill training  5-7 days (40 hours). Rs 500 per day stipend during skill training. Rs.15000 for tools purchase

visit govt.website- pmvishwakarma yojana.gov.in  the minimum age of the beneficiary should be 18 years on the date of registration.  Registration using your mobile number and aadhar card. Verify your mobile number and aadhar card with OTP authentication.