AI future in India 23-24 growing Industry

AI future in India 23-24 growing industry

The Astonishing AI Advancements you need to watch out for in AI future in India 23-24 upcoming future growing industry life changing human, Recently Google can launched planning to replace chat GPT, Google experimental advance conversational of chat GPT.

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What is AI


We Started the journey from stone age and we have reached to the modern age. Now a day we all used smart phone with internet which was solved many problem day to day life.

We used Internet many ways like educated, reading news paper, banking tasked, online  business what’s up, face book.  It is availability Just one click and life easier and reduced the hard work.


AI Techniques that enable machines to solve a task in a way like humans to do.

AI application automobiles, manufacturing, gaming, government, healthcare, business, education, finance.  

 At the same time spread of internet itself has provided various opportunities how to learn  new skill which can used in various sectors.   AI has reduced the time that consuming data to anywhere applying for job.



Father/ founder  of AI John Mc carthy Stanford.

In 1971 that time AI used mathematics and science to help to research advanced medicine good life for healthy and discovery to science technology human being.   know a day we starting used internet and AI for all now. Mostly boom to AI 2012 was increased.  To soved decision making problems, learning knowledge.


OPEN AI / chat GPT

OPEN AI  it is chat GPT tool that  used to come people like you and me to develop knowledge day to day life or takes with easy way helping information.2020 idea of Elon musk  help to  people learning large amount of data.

  1. Go to the Google website
  2. Search chat GPT
  3. Go to log in with gmail a/c or create with [ both are free log in]
  4. Than chat GPT open after you log in a/c
  5. Go to chat GPT search message
  6. Put your question
  7. Then enter and question Ans  is ready.

AI images

AI images, also known as generated images or deep and fake images, are computer-generated visuals created using artificial intelligence algorithms. These images are not captured by a camera or drawn by an artist but are instead generated by AI models that have been trained on vast amounts of data. This allows the AI to learn patterns and features that mimic real-life images, resulting in impressive and often photorealistic visuals.

Choose the right AI image generation tool

There are several AI image generation tools available in the market, each with its unique features and capabilities. Some popular options include DeepArt, RunwayML, and DeepDream. Research and explore different tools to find the one that aligns with your specific needs and offers the level of customization you desire.

Gather or create a dataset

To train your AI model and generate realistic images, you need a dataset that represents the type of images you want to create. Depending on your preferences, this dataset can consist of photographs, paintings, or a combination of both. Ensure that your dataset is diverse and contains a wide range of visual elements to facilitate the learning process.

Before training your AI model, it’s crucial to preprocess the dataset to ensure optimal results. This involves tasks such as resizing images, normalizing pixel values, and cleaning up any inconsistencies or noise present in the dataset. Additionally, you may need to label certain elements within the dataset to guide the AI model in generating specific features accurately.

Train the AI model

Training the AI model is a computationally intensive process that requires significant processing power. Depending on the complexity of your desired images and the size of your dataset, training can take several hours or even days. During the training phase, the AI model learns from the dataset to create its own unique interpretation of the images. This step is where the magic happens, as the AI model starts generating increasingly realistic and high-quality images.

Fine-tune and iterate

Once the initial training is complete, you may need to fine-tune the AI model to improve specific aspects or address any issues that arise. This involves adjusting different parameters, experimenting with various techniques, and iterating the training process. Fine-tuning allows you to refine the AI’s abilities and achieve the desired level of realism in the generated images.

Generate AI images

After the AI model has been fine-tuned to your satisfaction, it’s time to generate your AI images. Depending on the tool you are using, this can be as simple as inputting a random noise seed or specifying certain parameters to guide the image generation process. Allow the AI model to work its magic, and you will be amazed at the stunning and artistic visuals it produces.

good global Summit 2023

This AI for good global summit 2023 was held in Geneva [ Switzerland] on 6-7 July 2023. It focused on the fundamental role of AI in getting the United nations for Sustainable Development Goals, back on track in 2023.The summit was attended by global industry and UN partners.

AI for good is the leading action-oriented UN platform promoting AI to advance health, climate, gender, inclusive prosperity, sustainable infrastructure.

 supercomputer Program AIRAWAT

The AI in India supercomputer AIRAWAT in the top-500 list, installed at has been ranked 75th position in listed, C-DAC in Pune. The establishment of AIRWAT at C-DAC is the part of National Program on AI Initiated by the government of India.

AI Generating image

AI Future in India 23-24 growing industry

India First regional AI new anchor LISA

As per India healthcare market 2019-2025 grow with 52 % during forecast period.

India one of the few developing countries to plan leading the way on health care add $25- $40 billion potential add in GDP by 2025.

It is estimated that AI will add 957 billion dollars to India’s GDP by the year 2035 boosting India’s annual growth by 1.3% points.

In Odia based news station Odisha TV has unveiled LISA on 10 July. It is LISA is first states Artificial Intelligence [AI]  new anchor, marking a significant milestone in regional free-to-air television broadcasting. LISA Speak in Odia, English and many more.

Google introduced AI chat-bot ‘BARD

Google has launched Artificial Intelligence [AI] power chat-bot named ‘Google Bard’ in 8 February 2023, to compete with Chat-GPT.

Bard has been developed to compete with the currently fastest growing user application, chat-GPT, which has overtaken platforms such as Tik-Tok and Instagram.

Through bard users can access complex information in simple language as before not only that, but also get fresh high quality and accurate information from Google chat-bot.

A chat-bot is a software application used to conduct on-line chat conversations via test or test to speech in lieu of providing direct interaction with a live human agent.

11 May 23 it will be rolling out is generative AI chat-bot in over 180 Countries, including India.

Bard is a large language model, it can generate test, translate languages, written different kinds of creative content, and answer your question in an informative way.

Bard’s roll-out in India is significant because it is one of the world largest markets for smartphones for smartphones and internet users.

Microsoft launched “JUGALBANDI”

Microsoft has launched Jugalbandi a Generative AI driven multilingual chat-bot accessible popular messaging platform, What’s-App on 24 may 2023 the bot has been especially made to cover areas of rural India which aren’t easily penetrated through media and lack access to government’s welfare activities.

The char-bot has been developed by AI-4-Bharat in collaboration with IIT-Madras.

The chat-bot was April 2023 and has been tested in New-Delhi. Jugalbandi combines AI models from AI-4-Bharat and Microsoft Azure Open AI Service.

Meta and Microsoft Introduce LLAMA.

Meta and Microsoft have jointly unveiled an enhanced Artificial new large language model [LLM] Llama-2 on 19-july-23.

This cutting edge language model is now available for both research and commercial use. These making it a protential competitor to Chat-GPT open-AI and Bard with Google.

The offering of Llama-2 for free enhances its Accessibility and usability in various domains.

Next Generation AI Llama-2 is through Amazon Web Service, Hugging Face and other providers.

India Frist AI Powered Anti Drone system Launched  

Grene Robotics a prominent deep tech company based in Hyderabad has revealed India’s first AI-Power anti drone system named Indrajaal on 4 September 23. This state the art system is designed to safeguard critical installation public infrastructure and private sectors from escalating threat of drones.

Indrajaal stands out as a revolutionary advancement in drone security driven by an ingenious LEGO like combination mechanism integrating 12 distinct layers of Artificial Intelligence technology. This system provides 360 degree protection, capable of classifying tracking and neutralizing threats in real-time.

Meta released human-like image creation model

Meta has released new human like AI model called I-JEPA on 14 June claims is better than current models at analyzing and finishing incomplete photos. It make help the technology avoid mistakes that are typical of AI. Meta is the company that owns Facebook and Instagram.


Yes world change with AI model to power to human Strong technology with security, AI change significant role upcoming golden ear all over the world.


CAN AI help human Strong


AI is designed to perform specific tasks. It  a system that possesses the ability to understand, learn, and apply its intelligence across a wide range of tasks similar to human intelligence. they can provide patients  medical information with 24/7 access to, answer any questions about symptoms, medications, and provide healthcare guidance



India is ranked 20th among 172 countries in terms of AI deployment.Ranked on based for Exp. infrastructure, policy environment, research, and development, and commercial applications to assess the AI readiness of countries.

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